Top 10 Track’s From Logic Incredible True Story

I really enjoyed this album from Logic since it was released back in November 13, 2015. As you listen to the album, you can tell that the content of his music has branched from many different influences from various artists such as Kanye West in productions and Drake in the use of flows. Although, you’re able to identify what types of genres and artists have inspired him, most importantly you can distinguish his own authentic style and fast flow he uses on every tracks on the album.

The general theme behind this album is all about the world coming to an end and finding paradise in outer space. In the link below, Logic explains this in more detail in a interview with rap genius about the message behind the album on how the world ends and and how war breaks out on earth.

     Logic Reveals How Earth Was Destroyed On The Incredible True Story

Here Are My Top 10 Track’s from the album starting from 10 down to 1 |

10).Young Jesus (Featuring. Big Lenbo)

9). City Of Stars

8) The Incredible True Story

7) Intermission (Featuring.Lucy Rose)

6) I Am The Greatest

5) Fade Away

4) Upgrade

3) Stainless

2) Run It

1) Paradise




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