Swoope | Sinema (Album)

This week I came across this album called Sinema by rapper Swoope. This is his second album from Swoope which came out on August 4, 2014. At the start of the album Swoope as a Kanye West influence at the beginning of the first track but as he’s own signature instrumental sounds and flows as you go trough the album. Swoope speaks on the issues of lust and relationship with a female called Mya which you hear her speak on left voice messages on Swoopes phone at the beginning and throughout the album.

Swoope’s, at war with himself, either to get back with Mya or forget about Mya and move on with his life and focus on his relationship with god which he speaks in detail on track’s called “Right Side” featuring singer Christon Gray, “Beauty and Beast” and “Before Goodnight“.

I Can relate to Swoope on the issues of lust and  the “art of seduction” like J.Cole would say back on his born sinner album. To be in a relationship with someone just for the lustful pleasures is just the wrong way to go.Swoope’s gives to full picture on what’s like to face conscience speak on his experience dealing with someone that don’t understand your walk with god and facing the temptation’s of going back to is old ways even though he knows the consequence at the end.



Swoope | Sinema Full album (Click Here )



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